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Support your favorite Charity with a fresh flavorful Farm-To-Table event


At Kallisto Farms we grow a delicious variety of seasonal and heirloom crops. Our produce includes fruits, berries, vegetables, and nuts. Sometimes we “branch out” to fun crops like Dragon Fruit, of which we have 20 different varieties.

Kallisto’s herb beds produce an assortment of flavors. From parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, to basil, marjoram, tarragon, or lemon balm, our herbs are available to use fresh or to dry for later. We also have specialty plantings that provide rhubarb, asparagus, kiwi, artichokes, and lavender, to name a few. Our fragrant Jasmine Arabica produces a delicious tea. We are always changing up the available choices as we discover what works best in our environment, and most of all, what we enjoy eating.

Kallisto Farms is a hands-on, environmentally aware operation from seed to plate. We start our seeds in a small greenhouse, then “harden-off” the plants on outdoor benches, before planting them in garden beds to mature. Each area and each crop has its own irrigation system to insure efficient water management. Even the trees are on drip systems set to their particular needs.

Water use is not the only earth-friendly process on the farm. When trees are pruned, we chip and mulch the trimmings and return them to the soil as amendments. We offer any excess greens from the harvest as tasty feed to our own chickens and ducks—and to our neighbors’ pigs and goats—so that nothing goes to waste.

The diversity and efficiency of our farm are matched by the sublime favor of our produce, and the beauty of the decks that overlook the gardens. We keep busy when our crops ripen, making our own BBQ sauces, soups, and chutneys, as well as savory pickles straight out of the gardens. From the slender white stems of pickled kohlrabi to the deep red slices of blood oranges, Kallisto Farms always focuses on flavor. And the views of Palomar Mountain and the north San Diego County hills are a lovely backdrop for dining. As a chef, Kallisto Farms hopes you are intrigued enough to develop a meal from the fresh and flavorful choices available at the farm. As a charitable organization Kallisto Farms hopes you will consider our venue for a farm to table fundraising meal event.

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