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Support your favorite Charity with a fresh flavorful Farm-To-Table event

Farming For Flavor


Here at Kallisto Farms we grow a wide variety of heirloom and flavorful fruits vegetables and nuts, along with raising chickens, ducks and eggs. We are always changing up what we grow as we find what works best in our environment and what we enjoy eating the most. Our goal is flavorful healthy eating fresh from the farm.

While what Kallisto Farms grows is varied, you can count on the flavor being sublime. With so many seasonal choices, many interesting meals can be creatively designed.

We are able to produce large quantities of produce and nuts at Kallisto Farms. Since we retired we have thought long and hard about how to give back to our community. Being able to utilize the fruits of our labors as a fund raising opportunity for charitable events is such an opportunity.

As a chef, Kallisto Farms hopes you are intrigued enough to develop a meal from the fresh flavorful choices available at the farm and to support a charitable event with farm fresh produce, meat and eggs.

As a charitable organization Kallisto Farms hopes you will consider our venue for a farm to table fund raising event.

Organizations can make arrangements to offer their guests the opportunity for a “U-Pick” experience to bring home produce from the farm to replicate healthy delicious meals at home.

For Chefs and Organizations that book recurring events, Kallisto Farms can partner with you to grow specific varieties to customize your event.

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