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Kallisto Farms raises ducks and chickens for eggs and
meat consumption.

Our habitat is designed for the birds to roam freely and they also have special housing built to safely roost or nest inside as desired.
The chicken coops are designed so that the eggs can be collected without entering the poultry living spaces and there are special areas for recently hatched chicks to mature.
The ducks have their own separate large living space with a small pond and a duck house for shade and protection.

We raise special omega 3 grasses for the fowl to eat.
All the pasture areas are surrounded by electrified net fencing to keep dogs and other predators away from the flocks for their protection.
The ducks have an omega 3 grass pasture area of their own, and can be let out into the chicken pasture area as well, giving them even more area to roam.

We have a variety of heirloom chicken breeds that lay multi colored eggs. We choose heirloom breeds that are best for pasture raised laying hens and likewise for pasture raised meat birds. Our duck breed was reviewed by Michelin star chefs to have the “best flavor” for pasture raised heirloom ducks.

Both our chickens and ducks have the opportunity to eat soy free organic grain mixes as well as graze on the special omega 3 grasses outside. This is important for Breast Cancer survivors whose cancer is sensitive to female hormones and may want to avoid soy based foods in their diets.

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