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Farming for Flavor begins with the soil

Recover from decline by planting Cover crops. Enrich soil without the addition of synthetic fertilizers.

Make soil more vigorous, dynamic and effective with strategic Crop Rotation.

Bring new life or energy with the addition of organic Soil Amendments such as ground rock for minor elements and Mulch and compost for weed suppression and adding aeration.

About Kallisto Farms

Farm Shot

Here at Kallisto Farms we grow a wide variety of heirloom and traditionally hybridized fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and nuts, plus some ‘just for fun’ crops such as dragon fruit and sweet potatoes. While what Kallisto Farms grows is varied, you can count on the flavor being sublime.

We are always changing up our crops as we find what works best in our environment and what we enjoy eating!

Kallisto Farms start seeds in a small greenhouse, then the liners are hardened off outside on benches before being planted in the garden beds to mature.

Each crop and area has its’ own watering irrigation system to efficiently manage water usage, including drip and micro mist systems.

Valves are connected to a Hunter 'Hydrawise' smart wi-fi irrigation control panel for weather predictive water use.

Organically approved natural fertilizer amendments are sparingly added to the soil. The focus is on building soil health, recognizing that over use leads to problems of water quality and soil nutrient depletion. Cover crops and crop rotation help to balance out the need for amendments.

As trees are pruned, Kallisto Farms chips and mulches the trimmings to return to the soil as amendments. Cornstalks and other excess crop vegetation is also dried, then ground up and added to the mulch pile to be composted and go back into the garden the next season.

Kallisto Farms chickens and ducks, plus our neighbors’ goats and pigs, consume excess greens or overripe vegetables, and love to eat the leaves from the cauliflower and cabbage plants so that nothing goes to waste. This is in addition to having special omega 3 grass grown in the pasture where the fowl roam freely.

We raise ducks and chickens for meat and eggs and feed soy free organic grain mixes. Breast cancer survivors whose cancer is sensitive to female hormones may benefit from meat and eggs from poultry raised on a soy free diet. We choose breeds that do well as pasture raised birds with room to roam providing grass to eat as well as vegetables which supplement their diet.

Kallisto Farms has attended and applied the practices learned during USDA “On-Farm Food Safety Training”. Kallisto has implemented these food safety techniques during growing, harvesting, and post-harvest food storage. Owners have San Diego County Food Handler Training Food Safety Certificates.

At Kallisto Farms we grow the way our grandfathers did with many more advantages. There is a wealth of more exacting knowledge available today. Small homestead or truck farms can utilize interdependent growing techniques that focus on more than production output, shipping and shelf life requirements. At our farm we have implemented water saving strategies and seasonal rotations. We use organically approved amendments instead of chemical fertilizers and we plant cover crops to build microbial soil health. If the soil is healthy, the plants have more nutrition and taste better.

At Kallisto Farms everything is ripened before it is picked which enhances the taste and enjoyment of every meal. We select heirloom varieties, often not readily available in stores, which were hybridized the old fashioned way and selected for flavor. Thus our fruits, nuts, and vegetables, meat and eggs are even more delicious.

About Kallisto Farms
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