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The Farm has sweet blood orange citrus trees, plus lemon lime and tangerine trees.

There are 6 different avocado varieties with the intention to have ripe avocados nearly all year round, including: Haas - Lamb Haas - Sir Prize – Reed – Pinkerton - Fuertes

There are fully mature macadamia trees which produce a bounty of delicious macadamia nuts.

We have 33 different stone fruit trees from cherries to apples, plums, peaches, Asian pears and apricots. We also have fun crosses such as pluots and apriums to name a few. There are also two types of figs, a sweet lightly apricot flavored loquat and three types of pomegranate trees to enliven the selection of fresh seasonal fruits and nuts.

Many varieties of scrumptious berries are grown at Kallisto Farms.

We planted several varieties of strawberries that produce from early spring onwards.

In addition, we have several varieties of blackberries.
Our favorite is the Prime Ark Freedom blackberry. Prime Ark Freedom bears prolific very large sweet blackberries on thorn-less primal canes (first year growth) both in spring summer and fall.
We also have several varieties of plump delicious blueberry bushes that produce delicious plentiful blueberry crops.

We grow passionfruit, a vine with glossy green leaves, showy flowers and tart delicious fruits. There are kiwi vines with that fuzzy brown exterior that hides a tart and sweet bright green fruit. And we also have both red and green table grapes. We have added 20 different varieties of Dragon Fruit to our farm, with flowers both white and magenta, and +inside fruit +from dark purple to white, magenta and light pink. Each has a distinct flavor and all are delicious. The best description is a cross between a watermelon and a kiwi fruit with small edible seeds as a scrumptious summer treat.

We selected our varieties for our Fallbrook Climate Zone and put an emphasis on many crosses not found in the market. These trees vines, and berries are now mature enough to provide a substantial harvest. Because of our mild climate we have something ripening all year round.

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